Bill O’ Meara

Bill OMeara Jordy Carter Director of Business Development

Bill O’ Meara 

Director of Business Development

Bill joined Jordy Carter Furnishings in 2016 as an account manager. He had previously worked for another furniture dealership and came with industry and product expertise. The management at Jordy Carter recognized his talent and abilities as they related to marketing, high-level concepts and professional relationships. He was soon promoted to Director of Business Development.

His principal roles  are to drive new business and to create a meaningful presence for Jordy Carter Furnishings in the marketplace. This entails developing and maintaining relationships with brokers, project managers, designers, architects, and end users and educating them on Jordy Carter Furnishings’ products and services.

He works closely with the account management team at Jordy Carter on those opportunities he uncovers to make sure there is a smooth transition and successful overall project.

Bill has a Voice Degree from the CU Boulder School of Music and is a classically trained tenor.  He has performed throughout Colorado with the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra, The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and The Evergreen Chorale.  Bill is also heavily involved in the musical theater scene throughout the front range.

For the past 20+ years Bill has co-owned and managed all sales for a fine art company servicing commercial and private clients across the country and internationally.