Kirby Carter

Kirby Carter, Jordy Carter Furnishings President

Kirby Carter

Head Furniture Guy and President

Kirby Carter is the President of Jordy Carter Furnishings.

Kirby’s has over 40 years sales experience in the industry with a long standing concentration and expertise in the healthcare industry. In 1994, Kirby took his vast experience and expertise in furniture to the next level when he partnered with Charles Jordy to establish Jordy Carter Furnishings.

Kirby’s design background and passion for customer service and longstanding client relationships has made him a powerful leader during Jordy Carter’s 20 plus years of success.

Kirby is involved in all of the day to day management of the company as well as driving new business and maintaining and managing his own extensive account list.

A Denver native, Carter graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and is an active member of the community.

Carter graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Design degree.