Colorado Bureau of Investigation


2797 Justice Drive
Grand Junction, Colorado

Jordy Carter worked closely with the CBI team, The Blythe Group, and FCI Constructors to deliver an incredibly creative and visually stimulating space. CBI represents a power house of both design and technology. Designed to promote collaboration, the open configuration of CBI’s interior spaces stimulates the thought process. Workstations are set up in a partnering fashion to facilitate teams and spontaneous conferencing. Blythe Group and Company provided soothing palettes of color through out the space. The project included a state of the art training room, two conference rooms, multiple workstations, private offices, and collaborative conferencing areas.

The project includes Kimball Cetra systems product. The wood framed system met the end user and design firm’s intention of having an open office space that felt elevated and sophisticated. The product’s notable durability and long life-cycle also spoke to the sustainability and longevity aspects of the project.