Girl Scouts of Colorado


3801 E Florida Ave #720,
Denver, Colorado

Girl Scouts of Colorado moved their offices in the summer of 2014 from their historical home on Broadway to a more efficient and modern workspace on Florida Avenue. While the non profit needed to be very budget conscious, they also wanted to make sure they created an inviting and functional workspace for their employees.

Jordy Carter was able to work closely with the organization to accomplish a beautiful and bright space that stayed within the budget of the project. Global Evolve Systems,  Seating, Filing and Tables were used throughout the new space.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado relocated approximately 12 private offices worth of furniture. Jordy Carter was able to inventory the existing product and come up with a installation plan to ensure the private offices would fit in the new space so there were no surprises when the move took place. This was a great opportunity for the organization to save money.

The project team encouraged their employees to pick from the fun colors available from the Global Loover chair in order to give them a sense of ownership and to really brighten the design.

The project included approximately 35 new workstations, one large meeting space, a break room and the relocation of private offices.

Jordy Carter also continues to support the Girl Scouts of Colorado at their various location throughout the country with day to day needs for seating, desks and reconfiguration.