Unbridled Solutions


2228 Blake St. #100
Denver, Colorado

Unbridled Solutions, a communications and logistics agency that delivers highly creative events, hired Jordy Carter Furnishings, in conjunction with Jordy Construction, in 2012 to manage the furnishing and design of their new industrial space located in downtown Denver. From the reclaimed snow fencing used as a design element, to a custom conference table to a graffiti wall and a giant light box that hangs in the front, every design element was specifically chosen to reflect the personality of Unbridled Solutions brand. Additionally, the redesigned industrial space plays off of the existing architectural elements to add a sense of cohesiveness to the space. Furniture by Kimball and Enwork gives the appearance of being built into the actual space. By playing off the existing brick walls and exposed iron in addition to the new furniture they were able to come up with a one of a kind look.